Saturday, May 25, 2019




Now homes in Macon and Middle Georgia can enjoy professional solar site analysis and system configuration.

Sun Savings of Macon offers you the facts about solar energy for your home, based on a professional solar site and structure analysis and consultation. We'll determine the best  "solar window" that your home or site has available, and the energy efficiency of your home or "structure."  Solar Energy appliances are a great investment for many homes, but for others, they are a waste of time, technology, and money. We all want an energy efficient home and for many, that begins with improved insulation, sealing cracks and air leaks, and repalcing old inefficient windows and doors with modern units that can save for more than installing a solar energy system. Homes in the Middle Georgia region typically have a much higher thermal cooling load than heating load, and installed domestic water heating and swimming pool heating systems are often the most cost effective sytems. "Lifestyle" systems such as Photovoltaic Systems offer freedom from the "grid" or substantially reduce dependency on the "grid" but are not energy efficient and are never cost effective. Payback can be extended well beyond the installing homeowner's occupancy, and cogeneration is subject to regulatory changes. Still, for homes in rural settings, in new construction, and for limited, specific uses, PV systems have functional advantages that may out-weigh the high costs of aquisition.


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